Why ViaVero

Viavero. It means, “authentic” and it’s also our way of saying we get things done.

It’s a fact: The only constant in this world is change. That’s why during times of transition, high demand or strategic initiatives, ViaVero can provide expert resources to help navigate business challenges, special projects and workforce demands.

Change and transition can mean many things for and within a business, such as:, acquisition; divestiture; strategic initiatives; compliance; team structure; headcount pressure; financial system implementation; shared services; and even relocating corporate headquarters.

In other words, we help to get things done and keep your business moving forward!

Here’s how: Through our joint venture with GBQ — a top 200 tax, accounting and consulting firm — we can help your business gain access to professionals that can help to keep your business moving.

When you work with our consultants, the entire GBQ team is available to support you. Think of it as an extra level of assurance knowing that our consultants bring the power of many highly trained accounting, finance, mergers and acquisitions, audit and tax professionals to the table as back up if and when needed to meet deliverables.

This partnership offers our valued clients a single source for addressing business and workforce challenges across the entire spectrum of accounting and finance, from senior professionals to chief financial officer to systems and special projects.