Consulting Assignments

Common Consultant Profiles

  • Ex-Big 4 professionals
  • Former CFOs and Controllers
  • Professionals with experience in both Finance and IT
  • Financial Business Analysts
  • Managers and Directors of Accounting with large company experience

Working with ViaVero as a project consultant – answers to common questions:

  1. You choose which projects you want to accept.
  2. You'll work on-site at the client and become part of their team.
  3. You are a W-2 employee of ViaVero while working on our projects.
  4. Medical benefits are available to you.
  5. You are paid for every hour you work – and even time and a half for overtime.
  6. Your projects could last from 3 months to multiple years.
  7. ViaVero will communicate with you throughout your assignment to facilitate you getting client feedback and answers to any of your questions/concerns.
  8. As any client engagement begins to wind down, ViaVero will actively work to help you find your next great opportunity.
  9. If you can refer additional project work to ViaVero or candidates/consultants that ViaVero is able to place, you are eligible to receive BONUS payments!